Rudiments are the building blocks of the drummer. They give you the power and the speed to play proficiently at any setting and to never be caught by suprize no matter what the band throws at you. Initially there were 13 rudiments which were considered the essential Drum Rudiments as per National Association of Rudimentary Drummers (NARD), later an additional 13 were added to make it 26 Rudiments. Finally the Percussive Arts Society added another 14 bringing the total to 40 Rudiments.

While mastering all 40 Rudiments is usually the domain of the Marching Corps players, Rudiments do play a part in Rockabilly. Take the 1st Rudiment for example, in Rockabilly the 1st Rudiment is known as the “Train beat” with shifting accents.

These are the 40 current Rudiments of the PAS – Percussive Arts Society

1 Single Stroke Roll
Single Stroke Roll

2 Single Stroke Four
Single Stroke Four

3 Single Stroke Seven
Single Stroke Seven

4 Multiple Bounce Roll
Multiple Bounce Roll

5 Triple Stroke Roll
Triple Stroke Roll

6 Double Stroke Open Roll
Double Stroke Open Roll

7 Five Stroke Roll
Five Stroke Roll

8 Six Stroke Roll
Six Stroke Roll

9 Seven Stroke Roll
Seven Stroke Roll

10 Nine Stroke Roll
Nine Stroke Roll

11 Ten Stoke Roll
Ten Stroke Roll

12 Eleven Stroke Roll
Eleven Stroke Roll

13 Thirteen Stroke Roll
Thirteen Stroke Roll

14 Fifteen Stroke Roll
Fifteen Stroke Roll

15 Seventeen Stroke Roll
Seventeen Stroke Roll

16 Single Paraddidle
Single Paradiddle

17 Double Paraddidle
Double Paradiddle

18 Triple Paraddidle
Triple Paradiddle

19 Paraddidle-Diddle
Paradiddle Diddle

20 Flam

21 Flam Accent
Flam Accent

22 Flam Tap
Flam Tap

23 Flamacue

24 Flam Paraddidle
Flam Paradiddle

25 Single Flammed Mill
Single Flammed Mill

26 Flam Paraddidle
Flam Paradiddle Diddle

27 Pataflafla

28 Swiss Army Triplet
Swiss Army Triplet

29 Inverted Flam Tap
Inverted Flam Tap

30 Flam Drag
Flam Drag

31 Drag – Similar to a rough

32 Single Drag Tap
Single Drag Tap

33 Double Drag Tap
Double Drag Tap

34 Lesson 25
Lesson 25

35 Single Dragadiddle
Single Dragadiddle

36 Drag Paraddidle #1
Drag Dragadiddle

37 Drag Paraddidle #2
Drag Paradiddle 2

38 Single Ratamacue
Single Ratamacue

39 Double Ratamacue
Double Ratamacue

40 Triple Ratamacue
Triple Ratamacue

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