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Peggy Sue – Jerry Allison

January 20, 2010

Jerry Allison led the way for the Crickets which we all know was a break out for Buddy Holly. Initially splitting the band name between the Crickets and Buddy Holly, with the reasoning that DJ’s of the day might be reluctant to give one artist too much coverage, the dual name could help them get played more. Interesting to note is that Jerry was eventually married to the real life Peggy Sue that the song is written about!


Shit outta Luck – Liam Crill

January 8, 2010

Ok so I like Liam’s playing!!! He totally drives the Kings of Nuthin and that’s not a bad thing. This version is a little truncated from the Fight Songs for Fuck-Ups CD version but it still rips like there’s no tomorrow. This band reminds me of a modern day Bill Halley & the Comets straight outta left field. Catch em before your Shit Outta Luck!