Interview – Baron Shivers – The Ghastly Ones

Baron Shivers - The Ghastly Ones

Baron Shivers - The Ghastly Ones

What kind of set up are you using?
I have a vintage Ludwig 1967 Black Marine 4 piece. 14” Snare, 13”inch Rack, 16” floor and 20” Kick.

What do you use for heads, cymbals, sticks, kick pedal, snare?
The Snare is a 1960 wood Ludwig. Remo Coated Ambassador Heads. Sticks are 7A, wood tipped. Pedal is a Vintage Speedking.

Who are your fave players?
Ringo Starr, Dennis Thompson of The MC5, Ron Wilson of The Surfaris, Tim Fitzpatrick of The Lively Ones, Dennis Wilson of The Beach Boys, Bill Ward of Black Sabbath, and both Tommy and Marky of The Ramones, just to name a few.

What got you playing?
The Ramones!

What tips do you have to aspiring road warriors such as yourself?
Don’t consider myself a Road Warrior, but my advice is… Don’t start a band! You’re in for lots of headaches, well, and some good times too, but mostly headaches.

How long are you guys on the road a year?
We don’t tour much at all.

What’s your fave song that you have played on?
Don’t really have a favorite to be honest.

What cd is it from?
My favorite CD of ours in general is “Unearthed”.

What do you like about it?
It’s sort of a ‘Best Of” and we re-recorded earlier songs and many of them turned out better than the first versions.

Which song of yours do you think defines your style?
I don’t think about that at all, to be honest. I’m just trying to mimic what some of my favorite players do. Sometimes it works, sometimes not.

How would you describe your style?
Loud and fast, except on the slower songs.

What do you do in your down time?
I play in bands in my down time. I do FX Creatures for the movies full time.

What is your coolest road story?
Opening for The Brian Setzer Orchestra on New Years Eve at The Warfield in San Francisco. We were just an opening act but it was a great vibe because it was a big New Years show and people seemed to really dig us. Setzer gave us a hearty congrats after the show too, which was awesome.

What is your most horrid road story?
Water from an overflowing toilet at a club that soaked everyone’s road cases.

How is it playing with the ghastly ones?
It can be a blast and a drag depending on the venue, the people at the show, the mood of the band, etc. Mostly it’s been pretty fun.

What are you listening to these days?
Same thing I’ve been listening to for years… 60’s surf and garage music. Early 70’s Hard Rock, 70’s and 80’s Punk Rock. 60’s and 70’s movie Soundtracks. I don’t listen to much (if any) “current” music.

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