Interview – Liam Crill – Kings of Nuthin

Liam Crill - The Kings of Nuthin

Liam Crill - The Kings of Nuthin

what kind of set up are you using?
what do you use for heads, cymbals, sticks, kick pedal, snare?

my kit is a ’64 slingerland- 20″ bass drum, 16″ floor tom, a series zildjin medium ride and some hunk a shit crash cymbal i found in the trash. for snare i use a 70s ludwig acrolyte or the bad ass 60s gretsch aluminum shell snare i found in the same dumpster i found the crash, i usually use remo ambassador heads, vicfirth 5b wood tips. for kick pedal i use ludwig speed king. the 70s models seem to hold up better than the modern ones- they’re great- fast, good response and they take an ass whuppin’.

who are your fave players?

earl palmer was the best- all his new orleans r&b sessions are incredible. scott pittman, is my favorite modern drummer. he played in a boston band called the shods and plays with the frank morey band nowadays. the guy is amazing to watch live, can’t ever see his hands…

what got you playing?

i had a cool middle school music teacher that let me take the school drums home for vacations.

what tips do you have to aspiring road warriors such as yourself?

it’s important to try and take care of your gear as much as possible, change heads as much as you can afford and bring 2 snares with you. and avoid fist fights if you can, sucks playin with broken knuckles…

how long are you guys on the road a year?

we’ve been on hiatus for the last couple years, personal shit, legal troubles etc… we were goin out 5 weeks, back for a month or so and repeat. kinda hard to have a day job and a steady relationship when you’re in a touring band.

whats your fave song that you have played on?
what cd is it from?
what do you like about it?

one of my favorite songs is ‘no responsibility’ from the new record, old habits die hard. i think it’s farther on the r&b side of the “punk rock rhythm and blues” that we play. it’s a fun song to play.

which song of yours do you think defines your style?
how would you describe your style?

i taught myself the drums years ago, so i really developed my own style- basically 2 different beats, but i’ve done it enough now that it sounds halfway decent. my friend ricky magic’s son when he was 10 years old could mimic my style exactly, much to ricky’s amusement. little bastard.

what do you do in your down time?

i build instruments- upright 4 string washtub basses called a-hole basses – they’ve got a-holes instead of f-holes. i also been playing the spoons, like a good redneck, with my buddy morgan o’kane. http://www.morganokanemusic.com/ he plays banjo sittin on a suitcase that he plays as a bass drum.

what is your coolest road story?

some of the best times on the road have been on the days off- we’ll get shitfaced in some national park, cause a ruckus and terrify the park rangers by lightin the creek on fire. been some good times with the fellas…

what is your most horrid road story?

jailed band members, fights, horrible bands, hours of sittin around in dusty parking lots, mind bending hangovers… shit, it’s a hard a lifestyle to choose…

how is it playing with the kings of nuthin?

it’s been a while, but they’re all my brothers- trust ’em with my life. just hung out with the bass player out in la, and he’s itchin to get playin again. we’re hopefully gonna work on it for early spring, i sure miss it.

what are you listening to these days?

been listenin to j.d. for the shackshaker’s project with his wife- the dirt daubers, devil makes 3, split lip rayfield, blind boy chocolate and the milk sheiks. ha, all bands without drummers!

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  1. The Kings of Nuthin’ need to start fuckin’ touring again, and come to Atlanta.

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