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Liam Crill Interview

January 18, 2011

Krash Boom Bam recently had a chat with none other than Liam Crill the driving force behind the Kings of Nuthin. We asked Liam about his gig, his gear and his wisdom. This is what Liam had to say…

what kind of set up are you using?
what do you use for heads, cymbals, sticks, kick pedal, snare?

my kit is a ’64 slingerland- 20″ bass drum, 16″ floor tom, a series zildjin medium ride and some hunk a shit crash cymbal i found in the trash. for snare i use a 70s ludwig acrolyte or the bad ass 60s gretsch aluminum shell snare i found in the same dumpster i found the crash, i usually use remo ambassador heads, vicfirth 5b wood tips. for kick pedal i use ludwig speed king. the 70s models seem to hold up better than the modern ones- they’re great- fast, good response and they take an ass whuppin’.

who are your fave players?

earl palmer was the best- all his new orleans r&b sessions are incredible. scott pittman, is my favorite modern drummer. he played in a boston band called the shods and plays with the frank morey band nowadays. the guy is amazing to watch live, can’t ever see his hands…

Liam Crill - The Kings of Nuthin

Liam Crill - The Kings of Nuthin

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Tutti Fruiti – Earl Palmer

January 14, 2011

Earl Palmer, one of the most recorded drummers in history. Hailing from New Orleans, the city that gave birth the the modern drums we know today. Palmer played with an assortment of rock n roll’s earliest legends. Giving birth to rock and roll before it was known as rock and roll. Tutti Fruiti launched Little Richard into the history books. Earl drove Little Richard’s frantic high energy piano home. Elvis covered Tutti Fruiti a short time later. The rest is history.


Liam Crill – Another Year

January 1, 2011

What can I say, I like Liam’s energy and style, he powers the Kings of Nuthin which is a power house outta Boston. I haven’t seen these guys yet, but they’re like a jolt of fresh air on a winters day. Being New Years and all I thought this would be a good tune to end off the year, and usher in the new one. So kick us off Liam, kick us into Another Year!!!