Sitting In

At some point or another you will eventually up sitting in with a bunch of musicians/band that you don’t know or haven’t played with before. No sweat a few simple tips will get you through.

– Keep it simple. Now is usually not the time to breakout your new ultra hot uber complex fill.

– Stings – guitars/bass/piano usually talk in terms of 12 bars and the holy 1, 4, 5 chord progression in the key (A – G) of the moment. Your gonna stick to the straight beat with some minor variations for the most part.

– Tempo – When the tune is decided find out what the desired tempo is and lock on. Also find out about tune structure (stops, breaks, solos etc). Listen for the dominant player and lock in with that person.

– Relax – have fun with it! Keep it lose and keep you head up watch for changes and qued endings.

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