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Interview – Steve Taylor

October 16, 2011

Sometimes legends live in your own backyard… Krash Boom Bam recently had the pleasure of interviewing one of my personal favorite drummers Steve Taylor.

What kind of set up are you using?

Mike Van Eyes and Ron Scott saw this kit in New West that was under a car port in a back alley. It has a cool brown/grey swirl to it. I think it’s called root beer swirl. They approached the owners and offered $50.00 for them and I put another $150.00 into them for new drum heads.

They’re some proto-type for maybe premier or Japan models. No name on them. 20″ BD,13″ rack, 16″ floor tom, matching wooden snare that’s 14×5 that I don’t use that much. No name on them…

Steve Taylor

Steve Taylor

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Caravan – Steve Taylor

August 20, 2011

Steve Taylor is one of my favorite drummers! The only person I know that’s met Buddy Rich. Fronts his own Gene Krupa inspired band. Steve is a drummers drummer. He is such a treat to gig with and watch! I genuinely love being on the bill with this guy. Totally smooth execution, inspired playing. Wow!