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Big Noise from Winnetka – Ray Bauduc

October 1, 2011

Ray Bauduc co-wrote this boppin little beauty with bassist Bob Haggert as part of the Bobcats. The song written on the fly at the Blackhawk in Chicago, while waiting for the rest of the band to return to the stage, became a hit for the Bobcats.


Buddy Rich vs Jerry Lewis

August 30, 2010

I know that this isn’t really Rockabilly, Surf or Psychobilly, but it is Buddy Rich and he did influence a legion of so of us, and this was a great duo with Jerry Lewis who did play a bit. Jerry does steal the show with the classic line “OK Just let me show you what you did wrong” after Rich knocks it outta the park. Priceless! Enjoy!!!


Skin Deep Solo – Louie Bellson

May 9, 2010

Here is a wicked clip of Louie Bellson laying it down with his Skin Deep Solo… There is a good reason Mr Bellson won the Gene Krupa drum solo championship when he was 17. By then he’d already been pioneering the use and concept of double bass drums for 2 years. Watch carfully was Louie transitions between brushes (to start) and 2 pairs of sticks (to finish). This type of kit setup would eventually be a standard for Metal drummers. Thanks to my old friend Myk St Cyr for pointing it out to me.


Drum Boogie – Gene Krupa

March 25, 2010

The Granddaddy of all drummers big and small! A personal fave for us here at Krash Boom Bam!!! Doing what the man does best… Drum Boogie!!!! Predating and inspiring the Rockabilly scene, Gene is an inspiration to us all with his wicked feel and style. If not for his break through on Sing Sing Sing we’d all be stuck at the back of the musician heap. What makes this clip special is Gene’s solo at the end, on a Matchbox using Matches for Drumsticks!!!!!! Drum Boogie…. Drum Boogie….