Woodoo Doll – Tom Stormy

September 2, 2011

Mystery Gang certainly lives up to their name. I stumbled upon this cool little toe tapper and wanted to post it up and give props to the resident drummer and that’s where Mystery Gang swung into action it took a while but i finally got it Tom Stormy is the drummer in question, skipping along with his piccolo snare, infectious.


Caravan – Steve Taylor

August 20, 2011

Steve Taylor is one of my favorite drummers! The only person I know that’s met Buddy Rich. Fronts his own Gene Krupa inspired band. Steve is a drummers drummer. He is such a treat to gig with and watch! I genuinely love being on the bill with this guy. Totally smooth execution, inspired playing. Wow!


Adventures through inner space – Dave Klein

July 21, 2011

I first picked up on the Bombora’s while on tour in Cali. They are an uber cool act and as usual, i was drawn to the drums. Dave Klein really kills it with his peppy, snappy playing just cutting through that wall of guitar and organ. I hear he is touring with Agent Orange at the moment. Bang up job Dave!!!! Drop us a line and let us know what your up too!!!!


Dead & Gone – Dylan Reckless

June 10, 2011

Coming at you our of Minneapolis is Dylan Reckless driving the Reckless Ones, always nice to see another stand-up drummer. This is a great tune with a cool dead twist to it. Nice playing by all involved with a cool video to boot.


Interview – Baron Shivers

March 31, 2011

Krash Boom Bam recently had a chat with the Baron himself, the devilish heartbeat driving The Ghastly Ones. KBB asked Baron Shivers about his ghoulish gig, his gear and his nuggets of wisdom. This is what the Baron had to say…

What kind of set up are you using?
I have a vintage Ludwig 1967 Black Marine 4 piece. 14” Snare, 13”inch Rack, 16” floor and 20” Kick.

What do you use for heads, cymbals, sticks, kick pedal, snare?
The Snare is a 1960 wood Ludwig. Remo Coated Ambassador Heads. Sticks are 7A, wood tipped. Pedal is a Vintage Speedking.

Baron Shivers - The Ghastly Ones

Baron Shivers - The Ghastly Ones

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Fall Down on your knees – Fox

March 26, 2011

Alright lets change things up a little bit, hailing from Budapest, Hungary we have the Naked Truckers Trio, who suprizingly enough aren’t scared to get naked to rock out. Nice solid playing from the Fox, both clothed and unclothed. Nice use of the maraca on the floor tom to drive it home.. I’ve used this technique a few times in the past, cool to see someone else bust it out… Take it away Fox!!!!!


Screaming – Franck O’ Brains

March 9, 2011

Straight outta Montreal Franck O’Brains kicks The Brains into high gear with Screaming. The Brains rip it up big time and Franck pounds the way. I’ve heard these guys are a blast live I can’t wait to check em out.